• Ballast
  • Tent
  • Duct Fan
  • Vent Fan
  • Carbon Filter
  • Ducting
  • OG Hood
  • Cool Vent
  • HPS lamp
  • MH lamp
  • controller


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Organic Bloom - 1Liter
ORGANIC BLOOM fertilizer is very high quality suitable for FLOWERING plants. It contains free ami..
ALGUAMIX is a stimulator of growth and vitality. Used in growth until early fruiting, ALGUAMIX en..
Enzymax booster
This is a physio-stimulating algae and micro-organisms. It significantly improves the vigor of th..
Super boost PK 9/10 - 250ml
SUPERBOOST BLOOM is a complete fertiliser, at the same time flowering stimulator, sugar, active p..
Monster PK - 100g
MONSTER Activator of flowering, fruit promotes swelling and accumulation of items to storage ..
Energy Max -100ml
A true maturity accelerator, ENERGY MAX gurantees an intense and abundant bloom . It offers a mas..
DOCTOR+ - 500ml
To fight against deficiencies  (magnesium), DOCTOR + is the solution Phosphorus-Magnesia for..
Hydroponic Grow
Nutrients Platinum presents a new Bi-Component Grow & Bloom fertilizer easy to use, and v..
Hydroponic Bloom
Platinum Nutrients and engineers Have developped made in France for a product you unbeatable conc..
Organic grow - 1Liter
GROW ORGANIC fertilizer is a very high quality, suitable for plant growth. It contains free amino..