SUPERPRO Digital Multifunction Recycling Timer MFRT-1 for Hydroponics Grow Tent

SUPERPRO Digital Multifunction Recycling Timer MFRT-1 for Hydroponics Grow Tent
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The Superpro MFRT-1 offers (2) individual recycling timers that each have an On and Off setting for a total of (4) timers. The unit has 4 receptacles. Each receptacle is associated with one of the (4) timer settings on the unit. Each of the recycling timers (Timer #1 & #2) can be specified to operate during the Day, Night or 24-hours a day. When operating, one of the (2) available outputs (receptacles) will be powered as the timer counts down. This provides a “flip-flop” function so that when one of the two receptacles is On, the other is turned Off. (Both N/O and N/C outputs are never turned on at the same time)

The MFRT-1 can control up to 4 pumps if utilizing the off cycle outlet when using a flood and drain system. Up to 2 pumps can be used if utilizing the on outlet with a time setting between one second and ninty nine hours.

The MFRT-1 also has a photocell inbuilt which enables a night/day or 24 hour function. Easy to read push buttons make programing a breeze with this great value for money unit.

Please click HERE to have a look at Youtube video for more information.


  • Max Amp: 10 amps @ 230 VAC
  • Number of Recycling Timers: 2
  • Recycling ON Time Range: 1 second to 96 hours
  • Recycling OFF Time Range: 1 second to 96 hours
  • Useful for turning ON and OFF devices at regular intervals.  Other recycling timers are inaccurate or do not allow for precise settings, the MFRT-1 is capable of accurate settings from 96 hours down to ONE second!
  • TWO separate recycling timers (channels) with 4 timer settings connecting to FOUR individual outlets. Each recycling timer has two ON and OFF settings, (Timer #1 and Timer #2) capable of controlling a pair of outlets (receptacles).
  • The MFRT-1 is designed to activate any device (pumps, fans, lights etc) at precise intervals. The user selects whether the timer is to function during the day, night or 24-hours a day, and the photocell built into the unit automatically responds.
  • Contains unique "normally-open and normally-closed" relay connections that allow the grower to use the recycling timer as a "flip-flop" timer.  This means the unit allows for two banks of lights to operate on opposite schedules.
  • For complete customization MFRT-1 allows the user to select how the timer reacts when power is interrupted.
  • Package size: 250 x 200 x 100 mm
  • Package weight:2.5 kgs


1 x SuperPRO MFRT-1 Multifunction Recycling Timer

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