GROWLUSH COCO+600W COMBO KIT(multiple tent size)

GROWLUSH COCO+600W COMBO KIT(multiple tent size)
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GROWLUSH Bloom Coco Formula has been scientifically formulated and manufactured using high-grade nutrients compatible with coco peat. 

GROWLUSH Bloom Coco Formula also contains a balanced ratio of potassium, phosphorous and trace elements designed specifically to be compatible with coco peat and formulated to meet high standards of quality and specifically designed for use during the flowering/fruiting stage. Our two-part formula is carefully manufactured to ensure an even consistency between batches and maximum solubility.  The carefully balanced formula ensures optimal results during the Bloom cycle in natural and artificial lighting such as HID lighting or compact florescent lighting. Visit to view an extensive range of compatible lighting options.  Only use GROWLUSH Bloom Coco Formula when buds and fruit have formed (ie 2 - 3 weeks after reducing light hours). GROWLUSH Bloom Coco Formula may also be used in foliar and soil applications. 

CASH CROP Cocopeat is available hydrated & ready for use in 50 litre bags.




1 x Grow lush coco bloom part A&B 1L

1 x Grow lush coco growth part A&B 1L

1 x Cash Crop Coco Peat 50L

1 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m Mylar Grow Tent(choose-size)

1 x 390mm x 540mm Aluminum Reflector

1 x HPS  600w ballast

1 x HPS 600w lamp

1 x mh 600w tubular lamp

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