BIOBIZZ ORGANIC NUTRIENTS Try Pack Outdoor Pack with Bio-Bloom Fish-Mix Top-Max

BIOBIZZ ORGANIC NUTRIENTS Try Pack Outdoor Pack with Bio-Bloom Fish-Mix Top-Max
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The BioBizz organic range from the Netherlands has become very popular over recent years partly because it is a complete package of products that produces consistently good results. It is a complete suite of growing products ranging right through from the growing media (BioBizz Light Mix and BioBizz All Mix) complete soil mixtures, to Bio Grow and Bio Bloom Feeds, Top Max, Bloom Stimulant & Root Juice root zone booster. These products are easy to use, give excellent results and are very well priced – you’d be hard pushed to find any better organic product that works as well and gives such fine results.

If the climate in your region allows it and outdoor cultivation is your choice but you don´t know how to start, let Biobizz make it easy for you. Try our Outdoor Pack, one of the four members of the recently launched family of Biobizz Try Packs. Get to grow like a pro with a high quality complete pack that has been designed to be easy to handle, easy to use, easy to combine and easy to pay. Biobizz Fish Mix contained in this pack boosts all the natural minerals and (micro)organisms and stimulates the production of useful bacteria. The high levels of proteins will also help to create a rich organic outdoor substrate. But remember, don´t try it at home or you will have to keep the windows open for a week!

Let the organic growing experience begin with Biobizz Try Pack!


1 x BioBizz Bio Bloom 250mL

1 x BioBizz Fish Mix 250mL

1 x BioBizz Top Max 250mL

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