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Propagation Kit including Heat Mat, Water Tray, Plant Seeding Tray and Plant Dome. This C-tick waterproof heated mat in the kit is ideal to cradle your fragile clippings and seedlings in protective warmth. Get started quickly with your own growing media and plugs or purchase them separately for a complete system setup. The heat mat never gets too hot that it’ll scorch your plants and even comes with instructions printed right on the mat. Plug in and feel the heat!

Specifications for Clone System:

  • Dome for growing bigger and taller starts, available in 5 inch and 7 inch
  • Increases germination success
  • Better humidity control for optimum growth
  • Plant seeding tray, available in 50-Cell and 72-Cell
  • 260x520mm watertight base tray
  • Heat mat 18 watts, 220-240 volt
  • Very easy to use
  • Package size: 520 x 350 x 250mm
  • Package weight: 3 kgs

Specifications for Canna Rhizotonic 250mL:

  • Beneficial Fungi maximizes root absorption of oxygen, nutrients and water
  • Beneficial Fungi maximizes root growth for optimum yields
  • Helps your roots gain surface mass
  • Beneficial Fungi maximize production of floral essential oils
  • Maximize aromatics
  • Higher survival rate for clones and seedlings
  • Powder is OMRI Certified Organic
  • Instructions: For explosive early white root development, more uniformity, unchallenged survivability and greener, vigorous plant growth; drench, dip, irrigate or foliar spray (mist) 1-6 times daily for the first few weeks 1:250 (4mL/ L).

Specifications for Dutch Master Replicator 60mL:

  • A new, naturally formed, gentle cutting gel
  • For best results, use the online Nutrient Calculator for an individualized interactive feeding program to suit your needs.

Specifications for LED 225 Panel:

  • Thermoplastic Circuitry board material
  • 225 LEDs = 165 Red + 60 Blue Mix
  • LED Bulb Diameter: 5mm
  • Blue light wavelength:460-465 nm
  • Red light wavelength: 650-655 nm
  • LED Bulbs Power: Power: 13.8W
  • Voltage: 240Vac
  • Australia 3-pin plug
  • Lumen(Red/Blue): Red - 7.2Lux x 165Bulbs + 4.5Lux x 60Bulbs
  • Recommended Coverage: 45cm x 45cm
  • Recommended Height: 0.3-1.5m
  • No ballast needed, simply plug it in and ready to play
  • Package size: 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 5cm
  • Package weight: 1 kg

Specifications for Starlite T5 Propagation Light with 2x55w Lamp:

  • Input voltage: 220 - 240Vac
  • Input frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Propagation light, 6500 Kelvin Spectrum rating for growing
  • Two lamp of 55 watt included
  • 1.2 meters flex and plug fitted
  • Package size: 590 x 260 x 100 mm
  • Package weight: 3 kgs

Specifications for Cloning Grow Tent:

  • Size: 0.8m (W) x 0.45m (D) x 0.8m (H)
  • Exterior Material: Heavy duty Oxford Cloth
  • Inner Lining Material: 100% highly reflective water-proof Mylar
  • Frame Material: Firm powder coated Steel Poles
  • Built-in Zippers and Velcro for easily setup and take down
  • Sturdy Steel Rods frame with high quality Plastic Pole Connectors
  • Three Vents for 6" - 8" (adjustable) fan and filter output
  • Double water-proof Floor for extra protection
  • Set up in minutes
  • Even amateurs can generate more yields with the help from our gardening equipments
  • Compatible with variable wattages grow lights setup
  • Suitable for any setup, supporting up to 1000W Lamps MH and HPS
  • Package size: 80 x 15 x 10 cm
  • Package weight: 5.5 kgs

Specifications for Rockwool Cubes 75mm:

  • Wrapped Cube
  • Cube Size: 75x75mm
  • With No Hole


1 x Clone System with Heat Mat, Water Tray, Seeding Tray and Dome

1 x Canna Rhizotonic 250mL

1 x Dutch Master Gold Range Replicator 60mL

1 x LED225 - LED 225 Panel

1 x T52X55W - Starlite Propagation Light 2x55W

1 x Cloning Grow Tent 0.8x0.45x0.8m

21 x Grodan Wrapped Rockwool Propagation Cube 75x75mm

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